Types of ESE Services at PV


  • Academic Support Services provided by an ESE Teacher
  • Speech and/or Language Therapy provided by a Speech Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapy provided by an Occupational Therapist 
  • Physical Therapy provided by a Physical Therapist
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services provided by a D/HH Specialist
  • Counseling as a Related Service provided by a School Counselor or School Psychologist

*Please note, IEP services are provided to students who have been found eligible for ESE  programming only.  Eligibility criteria is set by the FL Department of Education.  Services provided will be based on identified need and as per IEP team decisions.  



  • A student may be eligible for a 504 accommodations plan if there is evidence of a disability
  • The accommodations developed for that student will be designed to "help level the playing field
  • Students must meet eligibility requirements for a 504 plan



  • Pine View is one of the Gifted Magnet options in Sarasota County
  • All gifted students at PV will have an Educational Plan (EP) containing information regarding gifted services and goals
  • Students must meet eligibility criteria for gifted services